Not a Content House TikTok creators call out manager – drama explained!

Screenshot from @notacontenthouse Instagram IGTV

Former members of the Not a Content House TikTok creator group recently uploaded a video explaining the issues with their management team.

After a handful of girls left the group, they have since told their audiences just why this is.

Continue reading below for a breakdown of all the tea surrounding this juicy drama!

What is Not a Content House?

Formed in August 2020, Not a Content House is a TikTok group.

Referred to as NACH, most of the members were teenage girls.

With 2.7 million TikTok followers along with 149.3 million likes (@notacontenthouse), the house sure does have a large following.

They also have 231K subscribers over on their Youtube channel (Not A Content House) where they would update their audience of ongoings within the creator house.

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NACH is also on Instagram as @notacontenthouse with 699K followers.

These various social media platforms are available as a collective within their link.

TikTok hashtag #nach currently has 77.2 million views and contains a lot of content surrounding Not a Content House.

The girls state that they have now become a family due to growing so close while living together in the house.

Despite their large followings, Not a Content House has now deleted most of their posts on the group’s social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok.

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Read on to find out why this is!

Drama with management explained!

Drama is now occurring within this TikTok community, between current and former members of Not a Content House.

When a handful of the girls left at around the same time, rumours have been circling the internet regarding the situation.

Madi Monroe and Lauren Kettering were the first to leave the group.

Cynthia Parker shortly followed and eventually, a group of the girls left and decided to openly speak up. 

Anna Shumate, Devyn Winkler, Sabrina Quesada and Cynthia Parker have since uploaded a 26 minute-long video onto social media, explaining the drama.

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With 134,548 views in total, this YT video is full of supportive comments.

The video was also uploaded onto Instagram as an IGTV video which has now reached over 317K views.

Within this upload, the girls explain that the management team had previously shown a lot of red flags before their departure yet nothing serious enough to make any drastic changes.

They clearly stated that it was two people in specific from their management who caused these issues.

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According to the Def Noodles on Twitter, Top Talent Agency recently merged with NACH.

It is reported that one of the managers working directly with NACH was allegedly 21-year-old Nour Khodr of Top Talent L.A.

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In the video, the girls acknowledge that Madi and Lauren left before them, explaining that it was simply bad timing for the others to leave, yet they are now officially doing so.

To summarise, the creators felt as though they were treated like money-makers as opposed to human beings, reporting that they felt brainwashed for months.

Cynthia spoke on behalf of the group as she stated her mental health had declined, they had told management of this and they refused to help – forcing them to continue working hard.

The girls claim that their management did not know how to manage teenage girls, as they continuously got manipulated and disrespected.

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After trying to express their true feelings to the men, they received the response:

“You guys are probably on your period.

Since these situations, someone from the management has been been dismissed from the team.

To finalise the video, the women stated that they are now onto new beginnings, as they’re going to rebrand and get their own creator-house.

Although the group expressed their gratefulness to be in such successful positions, they are also thankful to finally be speaking up about these issues and moving on.

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Crazy social media responses

Among many other positive comments, a user named Alex Miller stated beneath the Youtube video:

“I love how these girls stuck together throughout all of this. They aren’t just friends they’re a family.”

Instagram user @sadierpease_ commented on the IGTV video:

“they just need to start their own house w out those nasty managers”

Over on TikTok, Anna, Eva, Dev, Sabrina and Cynthia duetted one another as they lip-synced to the audio which relates to their departure from Not a Content House.

TikTok user named @b00nanuhshumate, commented on Anna’s upload with the statement:

“as u should. teenage girls don’t deserve to be minipulated and treated like a human bank. proud of y’all.”

@jordynwoodknow responded to a comment on TikTok regarding the drama as she briefly explained the contents of their recent Youtube video.

Go ahead and check out the recent drama surrounding Not a Content House and their management for yourself!