Is Josh Brueckner’s dirt bike accident real? Instagram Story reveals all!

Screenshot, Instagram story @joshbruekner

Yesterday, pro fighter and influencer Josh Brueckner got into a dirt bike accident leaving him in the hospital with a few injuries and his fans left worried about his well-being.

His YouTuber girlfriend Katie Betzing put on her Instagram story “Pray that josh didn’t break both his ankle! He just crashed his a motorbike”. While not being allowed into the hospital due to Covid.

Josh Brueckner, 25, videoed himself in a hospital bed with a split chin, but luckily said he was “fine” and thanked his supporters for messages of support

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So, how did Josh Brueckner crash?

It’s unclear how he crashed, but the outcome looks like he crashed pretty brutally as he’s been put in the hospital with a split chin and worries of a broken ankle.

However, his friend Arie Luyendyk uploaded to his story of Josh doing him doing a jump on a dirt bike track with the caption “just before the crash #prayforjoshsankles”.

So, perhaps he crashed from doinga similar jump on the dirt bike track but this time didnt land it.

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Instagram stories of after the crash

Josh Breakneaur’s Instagram story of him in hospital hours after the crash, with a little nelkboys reference.

Instagram ,screenshot, @joshbreuekner

His girlfriend Kate Betzing uploading to Instagram story a bloody steering wheel, where josh had split open his chin

screen , instagram story, @Katiebetzing

Josh and Katie reassured fans that, Josh is okay and he injures are not fatal as they upload to their stories of him at home.

Screenshot, Instagram story @katiebetzig

This isn’t the first time… or so we thought

On May 15th 2020 Josh Brueckner uploaded a Youtube prank video called: JOSH CRASHED HIS DIRTBIKE! BROKEN LEG *PRANK* where he pranked his girlfriend and friends into thinking he broke is legs.

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In the video, he pretends to break he pranks his girlfriend Katie Betzing and his other friends by laying down on a motor bike track and pretending his leg is broken.

This left them pretty worried and scared, but luckily it was only pranked… I guess you got to be careful what you “prank” for.