David Matthews ‘Twisted Tea meme’ explained – Twitter reacts with humour

Screenshot twitter twisted tea, @eljorge_96

As you may have already seen from this past week, a video has gone viral showing a man hitting and knocking out another man with a can of Twisted Tea in an American convenience shop after a racial slur was said.

The internet has done its typical thing and meme’d it. Now, Dave Matthews bands’ song Ants Marching been remixed to suit the timing of the big Twisted Tea hit and acting as the drums on the actual song.

Also, changed the name of the song to ‘Twisted Tea Marching’ instead of Ants marching.

This has circulated the internet, leaving users laughing, liking and sharing it all over social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Reddit.

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Reactions to the David Matthew Twisted Tea meme

This user replies to the original tweet with the Will Smith ‘entanglement’ meme – but with a more swollen up face re-irritating how hard that guy got hit.

These users suggesting other musical meme ideas that would suit the hit. Specifically English drummer Phil Collins.

Even American NBC journalist Cici Adams was left LOL’ing at the meme and even shared it on her Instagram story. Shows even a professional journalist can’t hold it in at this meme

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What happened behind the David Matthew Twisted Tea meme?

The video is filmed in Elyria Ohio, where a white man who is seen in the video is repeatedly saying racial slurs in front of the black man while he waits in line.

The man seems to be minding his own business, while the man carries on by saying the N-word and other racial slurs. But then the black man drops his twisted tea can on the floor.

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As the man goes to pick it up, the racist man attempts to kick the drink – which then the man hits him with the ‘twisted tea’ drink knocking him out.

Then the video ends.

Other Twisted Tea memes

This person is in the christmas spirit… well sort of even though hes about to get smacked with that naughy list.

This user telling a knock-knock joke – with reference to the band The rock band KGB, perhaps reinforcing the loud banging sounds similar to drums.

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This person makes reference to the chill skateboarder TikTok meme. Basically saying he can be really chill or very aggressive.