TikTok: How to do the Innocence test – Rice Purity Survey here!

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Another day, another TikTok challenge. The innocence test has taken over TikTok and here’s how it works and how to join the trend!

TikTok trends seem never-ending, but since we all are in lockdown, you have plenty of time to participate and make your TikTok debut if you haven’t already.

The newest challenge on the platform is the Innocence Test, which is also known as the “Rice Purity Test”.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest trend and how to participate!

What is the Innocence test on TikTok

The innocence test on TikTok is known as the “Rice Purity Test”. It’s a self-graded survey that evaluates the innocence of the person taking it, concerning drugs, relationships and more.

It was primarily made to survey women in the 1920s and originated from the Rice University of Texas, US. It’s similar to the “Never Have I Ever” challenge of millennials.

The test has 100 questions that gradually increase to dirtier and more vulnerable; it starts by asking whether you have “held hands romantically” and goes on to ask if you have “paid or been paid for a sexual act”?

At the end of the test you get a score, which implicates your level of innocence; the higher the score the more innocent you are, below fifty means you’re guilty.

How to do the Innocence test on TikTok

The “Rice Purity Test” is actually done through a website page and not on TikTok.

To do the “Rice Purity Test” click here.

People document themselves or their loved ones taking the “Rice Purity Test” and share the score of innocence or vulnerability on TikTok.

Some have also made their parents take the survey 👀.

It has taken over the platform as it’s an interesting challenge; self-discovery is always a fascinating process and sharing on TikTok makes it more fun.

Answer truthfully the 100 questions, find out your level of innocence, share it on TikTok and join the trend 🥳.