TikTok: emilycarey03 viral school elimination challenge explained!


A TikTok user named “emilycarey03” has created a new challenge that we didn’t see coming and frankly didn’t expect to become such a trend!

You would think we have seen enough unexpected challenges rise on TikTok, but yet there is another one. A TikTok user named emilycarey03 has come up with an oddly satisfying challenge that is steadily taking over the platform.

Emilycarey03 school elimination challenge


Using a random number generator to eliminate all colleges and universities in USA until we are left with a #winner #fyp #foryou #college #fypシ

♬ Lobby Music (Original Soundtrack) – Kahoot!

Emily Carey invented the college/university elimination challenge that she first shared on February 17th, 2021 on her personal TikTok account “emilycarey03”.

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For this challenge, Emily created a google document with all the colleges and universities in the United States of America.

She then uses a random number generator to eliminate all colleges and universities in America, until there’s only one left, and that is the winner institute.

The college/university elimination challenge ended up having 74 parts and the winner was Skidmore College, which is a private liberal arts college in the state of New York.


The finale. Who will win? Come back for my high school series starting tomorrow ❤️! #Coming2America #VideoSnapChallenge #college #university #finale

♬ The Final Countdown – Europe

Each video has thousands of views and TikTok users are now hooked to emilycarey03 little fun challenge, and truthfully, so are we 🤩!

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Who is emilycarey03?

Emily Carey has blown up overnight on TikTok with her college/university elimination challenge.

She currently has 87k followers on TikTok but her following is increasing by the minute.

As her account is very much still new, Emily Carey hasn’t shared much about herself yet. What we know is that she’s a Wellesley College alumni, and a Preschool teacher.

In her TikTok bio, Emily Carey, referring to her zodiac sign, claims that she’s the “most stereotypical cancer,” which means that her birthday is someday between June 21st and July 22nd and that she’s a very emotional person.

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Emilycarey03 starts elimination series on TikTok

After the mind-blowing success that Emily’s university elimination challenge had, she has decided to turn it into a series, now starting the high school eliminator challenge.

The very first video of Emily’s high school elimination series has 1.3 million views in less than 15 hours and her TikTok account is on 🔥, as people are loving her elimination challenge!