TikTok: Meet Starbucks’ biggest fan Anna Sitar – Age, career and boyfriend!

Anna Sitar Starbucks.

LA-based social media influencer, Anna Sitar, has become our biggest inspiration for our coffee orders.

Boasting her bubbly personality through her TikTok videos, there is no wonder Anna has 8.1 million followers on the platform.



♬ original sound – anna x

What is Anna’s Starbucks series on TikTok?

Twenty-three-year-old Anna Sitar (@annaxsitar) released a TikTok series titled ‘Another day, another Starbies’ where she visits Starbucks to try various drink blends and combinations.

The influencer often orders drinks that followers request or drinks that she asks baristas to pick for her. She then films her reaction – whether positive or negative.

In a recent TikTok, Anna asked the Starbucks barista to make a drink based on her name. She received a drink which she described as “tasting like a red starburst”, blending apple juice and passion tango.

The series has quickly gained popularity and launched Anna into a world of success – so much so that she has released merchandise surrounding it! On Annaxsitar.com, you can find a hoodie with the slogan ‘another day, another coffee’ on it.

Aside from this series, Anna is known on TikTok for her comedic sketches and transition videos.

Who is Anna Sitar?

Anna is, of course, a hugely popular social media influencer. Although, there is much more to her than being a successful content creator.

Before pursuing TikTok, Anna studied at Western Michigan University and majored in mechanical engineering. Afterward, the social media star took to LA to complete a Masters’s Degree in film and TV production. When she moved to LA, Anna began posting frequently on TikTok – the rest is history.

It’s also notable that Anna is dating her high school sweetheart. Although their relationship is long distance, her boyfriend Brandon often appears in Anna’s TikTok videos.

Other than TikTok, the influencer also regularly posts on Instagram and also has a YouTube channel.

With over 90k subscribers on YouTube, Anna uploads content such as vlogs, makeup tutorials, couples Q&A’s and workout routines.

Best examples from Anna’s TikTok Starbucks series

Take a look at the most bizarre Starbucks drinks from Anna’s series:


wait a minute WAIT A MINUTE. THANK YOU @1cupofcoffee for introducing me to this…i might be hooked 💚 #annaxstarbies

♬ original sound – anna x

i feel like the pistachio threw it off a little…and i think we could get something AMAZING for more than 8.75 ✨ #annaxstarbies

♬ original sound – anna x