TikTok: What does a deaf Gynecologist do viral joke origin and answer!

Screenshot from TikTok of @thatloperlady

One of the best “Dad joke” on TikTok right now is “What does a deaf gynecologist do?” Ironically, the person making the joke in the viral video was a mom not a dad.

Do you know the answer to this question? Scroll below to see the hilarious video and the absurdly funny answer.

What does a deaf gynecologist do TikTok video

@thatloperlady posted a video again that made her go viral and it was this one. She reposted it just yesterday on 23rd May 2021 and it has already received 608 likes and 3.6 million views.

The joke was not that funny but the excitement in her voice and the way her daughter and husband just loses it on camera is #hilariousaf.

So what does a deaf gynecologist do?
He reads lips

Now that you know who made the viral video, lets get to know the TikToker and her family.


Literally ROTFL 🤣🤣🤣🤣. #foru foryourpage. Medicine for the soul 💕🌸

♬ original sound – ThatLoperLady

The Loopy Lopers

This fun family that you see in the video calls themselves the Loopy Lopers. The couple has both been previously married and had kids and then married each other.

When it comes to blended families, there are always some difficulties adjusting but the Loopers seem to have found a way to be very happy.

They have their website – blendedandwinning.com where they explain how their family came to be so that they can inspire other families to work out their issues and stay together.


When my ex asked for his last name back in the divorce, he wasn’t ready for my response. #foru 🤣🤣🤣 #fyp

♬ original sound – ThatLoperLady

Joaquin Loper (the husband of the TikToker) is the founder of this company and also a marriage counselor. Hence, they have mentioned the story of their family. If they can work it out, then so can a lot of other people.

As she mentions on the website, Stacey Loper is a grief recovery counselor, professional leadership development trainer, consultant, and speaker.

Stacey has also published her first book, “Total Surrender” in 2017. She is the adored mother of Megan, Morgan, Landen, and the highly energized Maddox.


A little #christian #comedy 🤣. bangenergy. Just #petty but let’s be real, we #women really want to know 🤔. @bangenergy @bangenergy.ceo #fypシ

♬ eve and the fruit – han🖤

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