Most comments on a Tiktok video

Tiktok became the epitome of social media nowadays. It is easy to do content in just a few clicks through the use of videos. This gave people the opportunity to showcase their creativity and talents. We can say that a particular video is popular not only through the number of likes but with the comments as well. So, if you want to know the most comments on a Tiktok video, keep reading.

Starting the app to find the most comments on a Tiktok video

Why user interaction is important?

“Everything starts with the customer.” – Louis XIV

Higher engagement would be the result if there are lots of comments thus making the video viral. There are times that some of the most liked comments tend to be more entertaining than the video itself.

To give you an insight, here are the Tiktok videos that have the most comments.

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Verified Beans

Right now, Verified Beans or Chandler Malone in real life has the most comments on a Tiktok video. It is already almost 5 million which is truly mind-blowing. Tiktok users are aware of their responsibility and started pouring out millions of comments.

The views of his videos have almost 15 million views and likes totaling almost 3 million. This makes him gain an engagement rating of 880% which is considered huge for his follower’s base.


Spam the comments! Going for the world record #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #comment

♬ Moonlight – GDS

Imagine putting a caption on your video telling why this video has the most #comments, looking like he was daring people to comment. This made him get the world record and instant fame in the social media app.

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Comments are detrimental in achieving the desired engagement rate of any video regardless if it is negative or not. As long as it provides user interaction it will benefit your account a lot. Just like Bella Poarch who garners millions of likes on every content she uploads. This is because she is always first when it comes to trends in the social media world.

Having said so, it will take creativity and timing to get your comment section filled with people who are interacting with each other. Nevertheless, you’ll reach closer to those numbers if you are consistent or lucky to get your content to go viral.


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