@Lilgoogles_szn2: Why are there so many Instagram accounts under this name?

ccee k
Photo from Web Summit 2014, Dublin, Ireland. FlickR

Twitter and the keyboard warriors are onto a new viral and controversial video of a guy, allegedly grinding on his seven-year-old cousin while filming it. The video went viral on Twitter on Tuesday, October 27th.

Following the spread of the video, the original Instagram account, @lilgoogles_szn2, does not exist anymore.

However, users decided to create multiple new accounts promising to expose/send the alleged video. That is why there are currently so many Instagram accounts with the handle @lilgoogles_szn2.

One of the pages gained followers quickly, reaching 13K before it was shut down. On this account, the user @lilgoogles_szn2 can be seen engaging in comments from the public about how to find the ‘original video’.

Nevertheless, another 20 accounts have already been created instead.

There have now been rumours of the alleged @lilgoogles_szn2 being arrested, as well as a video surfacing on Youtube of him getting ‘beaten up’. The video has already been taking down of the YouTube platform although Twitter users are sharing screen recordings of it.

It should be noted that the video and/or the accusations have not been officially confirmed by the police or the accused, so we do not know the actual facts and current situation as facts.