TikTok: Meet JaycoSet – age, relationship status, and five fun facts!

Screenshot,YouTube Jaycoset
Screenshot, YouTube - Jaycoset

TikTok star, Jaycoset has found fame on social media by posting videos and dances with his friends. As one of the latest TikTok heartthrobs, many people want to know more about him.

Jaycoset receives hundreds of thousands of views on all his TikTok videos, but information about his personal life remains hard to find. We’ve found out all about him so you don’t have to!

Who is Jay Coset?

JaycoSet is a TikTok star with 873.5k followers and 14.2 million likes. He posts videos lip-syncing, dancing, and spending time with his best friend ‘The Dadwiggies’.

It seems Jayco still lives with his family and shares videos about how to wake up your siblings in the most annoying way.

How old is he?

Jayco says in his YouTube Q&A that he is 28 years old but also that he is still in school. In his Q&A with his friends, he says he met them in the senior year.

Is he single?

Jayco’s longest relationship lasted 3 years and he is currently single. So are both his friends in the ‘Dadwiggies’ crew.

Five fun facts!

1. The freakiest thing he has done in school is make out with a fellow classmate.

2. He met his ‘dadwiggies’ friends playing football at school.

3. His zodiac sign is Cancer.

4. He warns that the dadwiggies videos are only getting better and laughs when he rewatches their first ones.

5. Jayco is the best dancer of the group.


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If you want to interact with him, you can find him tweeting regularly so go follow him on Twitter – @jaycoset1.