TikTok: Whos is Ethan Klein? H3 podcast with Trisha Paytas explained!

Screenshot via TikTok @EthanKlien3

YouTuber Ethan Klein, also known has H3H3 productions, has been blowing up on TikTok recently with funny and random clips of his podcast with Trisha Paytas.

H3 production is a YouTuber that makes funny and random videos, mostly reacting to funny trends or people. He hosts a podcast with his wife where he would speak to a range of Internet personalities. 

He has a new podcast with popular internet personality Trisha Paytas and uploads the funniest moments on TikTok, and people have drawn to it with thousands of comments saying to keep it up and it’s saving them from quarantine!

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Who is Ethan Klein H3 on TikTok?

H3H3Productions is a YouTube channel run by the husband-wife duo of Ethan (35 years old) and Hila Klein, known for their reaction videos and comedy sketch routines. They also progressed into podcasting – which they host on a separate channel.

H3H3productions has gained over 6.43 million subscribers and over 1 billion views on their channel.

Thier podcast channel has become really popular over the recent years. Ethan and his wife have set up the channel ‘H3 Podcast’ and has gained over 2.2 million subscribers and averages millions of views.

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They host a range of different podcasts on this channel including their main H3podcast with 234 episodes and other recent popular ones like after-dark, mostly them talking/reacting to viral videos or internet drama.

Podcast with Trisha Paytas on Ethan Klien H3 TikTok

Ethan H3 and Trisha Paytas host a podcast called ‘Frenemies’. Like the name suggests this podcast is exciting for fans as they used to not have a good relationship. Trisha and Ethan H3 have a very complicated past as they’ve had ‘beef’ that has only ended fairly recently.

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From 2019 there had been a back and forth between Trish and Ethan, after many tweets and YouTube videos were made about each other – specifically H3H3 productions (in his normal style) mocked her apology video of when she said she’s a ‘gay man’.

However, after a few more months of social media digs and fall outs – H3H3 and Trisha Paytas host a podcast called ‘Frenemies ‘ where they discuss random and hilarious topics – from Trisha’s Lamborghini being stolen to a Halloween special where Ethan shaved his hair off!

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The podcast is very popular with most videos hitting 1 million views in under 24 hours and many fans have been tweeting or leaving comments on Ethans TikTok showing their love for the podcast.

They upload a lot of funny clips from the podcast and is uploaded on the @ethanklien3 TikTok. Which recently have gone viral on TikTok as they received millions of views and thousands of comments and likes.

The podcast is available on ‘H3 podcast youtube channel’. You can also listen to it on Spotify named “Frenemies Podcast”.