TikTok: Viral comment like bot explained – what is Zefoy and does it work?

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A TikTok bot named Zefoy has been taking over the platform. Here’s everything you need to know about Zefoy.

Over the past year, we have seen TikTok reaching all kinds of peak and making people popular and rich overnight. Getting famous on TikTok has become the goal for many Gen Z, and not everyone is playing fair and square, but using sites to gain fake followers and likes.

What is Zefoy?


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Zefoy is a website that TikTok users have recently been using to fake the number of their followers, likes, views, shares, and comments.

The website launched in 2021, and as with any social media bot it can’t be completely trusted but used with caution.

Zefoy the most trending bot on TikTok as it’s being frequently used by people who are trying to go viral on the platform.

Getting TikTok famous is becoming harder as the platform grows stronger and users need to be consistent with uploading several videos per day.

That doesn’t mean that Zefoy or other social media bots will help you become TikTok famous effectively nor are they safe to use.

Why most social media bots won’t work

Wanting to become social media famous isn’t something to be guilty of and using websites like Zefoy might seem a shortcut to success, but before using any kind of social media bots, you should consider the consequences.

Although social media bots will boost your views, likes, and following number, they won’t actually help you hit the For You Page.

According to a study by Vice in 2020, buying 25,000 views and a thousand likes won’t make the video or the TikTok account go viral.

In terms of safety, social media bots can be damaging as they gather passwords, login keystrokes and even financial information.

When gaining followers using social media bots like Zefoy, it’s actually a pretty obvious scam, as the usernames of the followers are bizarre, and you’ll instantly lose credibility and push out the real accounts off your page.