TikTok: Who is Uncle Gang Gang? Net worth, age and business explored!

Screenshot,TikTok @uncleganggang
Screenshot, TikTok - @uncleganggang

TikTok star Uncle Gang Gang has over 2.3 million followers on the social media platform and has received over 35.2 million likes. What is his net worth?

He uses his internet fame to promote his business projects and make an income, so how much is he worth exactly? Find out more about him!

Who is Uncle Gang Gang?

Uncle Gang Gang is a social media business man and influencer. He has 53k followers on Instagram, 2.3 million followers on TikTok and 16k subscribers on YouTube. His videos consist of him sending people gifts and money, and showing off his wealth.

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In one of his videos, he says, “people ask me for money cos I’m money. I bless people with money every day, cos that’s what I do player.”

The TikTok star wears a grill, occasionally sunglasses, and several gold chains. He also runs a business called ‘Moe Money‘ which he describes as a “one-stop shop for your perfect money shot production.” He claims his company specialises in all things money-related: apparel, props, home goods, accessories, and anything that has to do with $100 dollar bills.

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Uncle Gang Gang does not disclose his age or family life, but given the wealth he has amassed it is likely that he is in his thirties or forties. It is also unclear where in the US he is based, but he has posted videos in Kentucky in the past.

What is his net worth?

Given that his whole brand is based on wealth, it is not surprising that fans want to know Uncle Gang Gang’s net worth. He even sells “Moe Money stacks” for up to $150 on his website.

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It is unclear exactly how much Uncle Gang Gang is worth, but he has shared hundreds of videos on TikTok responding to messages from fans who are thanking him for their gifts. According to this TikTok, he has send ps5s, iPads, laptops, cars, and large sums of cash to his fans all over the world.

While his exact net worth has not been confirmed, he certainly acts like a multi-millionaire…