Charles and Alyssa net worth – how they can afford a $5million house

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Screenshot: Charles & Alyssa Forever YouTube channel

YouTubers, Charles and Alyssa Forever have just moved in to their new house worth $5million. So, how can they afford it? What are their plans for the empty house? Find out what they’ve shared with fans so far.

The YouTube couple moved into their new mansion this week, posting a video tour on their channel of the empty house. They have asked their viewers what they make of the house and encourage them to post interior design suggestions in the comment section.

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Who are Charles and Alyssa?

Charles Davis used to run a comedy reaction YouTube channel with his friend Dom and also starred on the 2018 run of MTV’s Ex on the Beach. Since meeting his girlfriend, Alyssa Hyde they have taken over his account and created a shared channel called ‘Charles & Alyssa Forever’.

The couple film their everyday life for YouTube, as well as pranks, challenges and reaction videos.

What is their new house like?

Their new house, valued at $5 million, is currently unfurnished. It has a very clean, modern aesthetic including an entirely black kitchen. The couple do not show the front of the house in their house tour video, but do zoom in on empty spaces and discuss how they are going to decorate.

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They have a number of spacious, modern bathrooms featuring baths with gold taps in the shower and sky lights to keep the rooms bright. The couple end the video saying that they love moving house and being in a new house as it makes them feel “creative” and “able to come up with new ideas.”

What is their net worth?

The couple’s supposed net worth is $500,000, which would mean they paid quite a large deposit on the new house…

They have supposedly created a net worth of $140,000 from their YouTube channel, but their video empire is only going from strength to strength. According to sources from Naibuzz, most of their wealth comes from outside YouTube suggesting that they have other jobs and partnerships earning them money.

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How long have they been together?

Charles and Alyssa have been together for two years. However, as the name of their channel suggests, they speak regularly about their future together and show no signs of breaking up.

When asked by viewers if they want to get married or start a family soon, they respond that they are young and in no rush. They will take those steps when they are ready and it works for them as a couple.