YouTube: Simon and Martina’s divorce- everything we know!

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YouTube couple Simon and Martina have left fans shell shocked after announcing they are splitting after 15 years together! Is there any hope for the rest of us? 

The couple, who have over 1.3million followers on their YouTube channel, recently announced on Instagram that they are going their separate ways, and have turned off the comments section on the Instagram post so that fans cannot comment on the situation publicly.

Who are Simon and Martina?

Simon and Martina are famous Canadian YouTubers who started their channel in 2008, which has now grown to have over 1.3million subscribers.

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The channel was originally called Eat Your Kimchi, and was used to document the former couple’s lives in South Korea and later Tokyo, posting videos of different foods and cultural differences to their large fan base.

The couple shared an Instagram account, where shared images of their adventurous and exciting lifestyle, where they have amassed over 290k followers.

After sharing a post yesterday of a picture of 2 paths, the couple shared a heart warming message about their split, thanking the community for their respect for their decisions, and discussing their excitement for the new paths that they are on.

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It would seem, that they have parted ways on good terms, and want fans to be just as supportive for them as they are for eachother.

Fans Reactions

Fans of the YouTube couple were absolutely devastated to hear that they had split, and took to other platforms to voice their sadness.

The fans of Simon and Martina may be upset about the couples breakup, but they will continue to support them in whatever journeys their newly separate lives take them on.

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This Twitter user admits that their breakup has upset her more than her own parent’s divorce!

This user has used a gif to describe their feelings towards the adorable couples announcement, and it’s safe to assume that all fans of the couple are feeling the same.

The nostalgia and the memories are too much for this Twitter user, as she admits how sad she is that the couple that she used to watch for years and years are no longer together.

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