Nessa Barrett’s Dad’s heroics explained- 911 song reveals suicide attempt

Screenshot, TikTok, @Nessabarett

TikTok famous Nessa Barrett has released some new music that is particularly special to her. The young singer has written a song about her Suicide Attempt that features the voice of her father, who is the person that found her. 

Fans of Nessa Barrett have reacted to the song, which was released on the 8th of February via a TikTok video, in a positive way and have flooded the comments section with support for Nessa.


wrote a song the other night about my first suicide attempt. my dad was the one who found me so we used his voice on it. this is how i cope

♬ 911 – Ness

Who is he?

It is clear from the release of her latest song that Nessa’s father cares about her very much.

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In the song, based on her suicide attempt, he sounds incredibly worried and it is very obvious that he is concerned for her and loves her.

Her Father is called Drew Barrett, and he has an Instagram account (@Iamvs) with over 20k followers and a TikTok account (@vstheoddz) with over 45k followers.

After Nessa shared the song with her 14million followers on TikTok, Nessa’s Dad left a comment on the video saying:

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“Hardest thing I’ve ever had to record and go through but so blessed you are here, and so proud of you turning this day into a positive way to help others.”

Screenshot, TikTok, @Nessabarett

He has been there for Nessa, and continues to support her by being a part of her work.

Fan Reactions to the song

Fans have reacted very posititvley to the song released on TikTok- flooding to the comments to show their support for Nessa.

One fan said: “Wow Nessa”

Another said: “wow. this is art. Thank you for your voice.”

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Other users on TikTok have done a ‘duet’ of the video, and have voiced their support and awe for the brave post.


@nessaabarrett you should be so proud of yourself and the person you are #foryoupage #foryou #Bossit2021 #nessaabarrett #suicicideawarnes #suicicde

♬ 911 – Ness

Supportive comments are not just flowing on TikTok, as some fans have flocked to Twitter to show their support as well.

Where to seek help

If anyone is feeling suicidal or alone, there are support networks in place, and users should know that they are never alone.

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People can receive support from the Samaritans, an organisation that was created to help those who are feeling hopeless or suicidal.

To get in contact people can call the 24 hour helpline on 116 123.

People should also speak to someone, anyone if they are ever feeling this way and make people aware that they are feeling that way.