How to get the Red Hair Filter on Instagram – trending in 2021!

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Photo by Gabriel Silvério on Unsplash

Here is your chance to change your hair color to red without bleaching or making long-term commitments. Try out the new red hair filter on Instagram.

Instagram is filled with filters that change the color of your surroundings, your skin, your hair, etc. But the filter we are talking about is not like the others.

All the hair color changing filters do a decent job by just applying a layer of color to your hair which ends up looking fake and it is obvious that it is an effect.

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But this one makes the colour change look completely realistic and once you post a picture with this filter, everyone is going to ask you where you got your hair coloured.

How to get the Red Hair Filter on Instagram

Finding filters is not that difficult on Instagram. You just go to the app, swipe right for the camera screen, scroll the camera button till you get to “Browse effects” and search the filter you want in the search bar.

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The only thing you need to know is what kind of filter you want and typing “red hair filter” or “hair color” is not going to get you this filter.

You will have to know the name of this specific filter, which is “Cabelo Colorido” and choose the one made by the users @matheusyashi or @frameddesign.official.

You can not only try red but all the colors that you can think of – pink, green, blue, purple, brown, red, orange, blonde, and black. Just start the filter and tap to change the hair color.

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Try the filter to see which color suits you the best before actually coloring it or just click some pictures to fool your followers into thinking you had a makeover.

Other Red Hair filters on Insta

There is a ‘BB red hair’ filter that is exclusively to turn your hair red and it looks pretty darn good. It is made by the user @lucii_ferr and it is worth a try if you are looking for a hair color change.

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The red hair filter by @adelina.dmi changes the hair as well as the eye color to red and makes your eye lashes look beautifully long.

Let us know which filter you loved the most in the comments below.