Why Has DeadorVegetable been banned from Reddit?

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Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

One Reddit user has been banned from the site, and the internet is going crazy for it! 

The account DeadorVegetable has been banned from the site after breaching its guidelines for glorifying violence. Since the account has been banned, Internet users have been searching for the reasons why it is gone and appear to be saddened that it has disappeared.

What is DeadorVegetable?

DeadorVegetable was a former Reddit account that posted content deemed to gory too stay on the site, leading to the disqualification of the account and all of its content.

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According to this Twitter user, DeadorVegetable was a sub reddit account that shared videos of people taking part in violent activities, and the Reddit users would then decide whether they would be ‘dead’ or become a ‘vegetable’- hence the name.

The term ‘vegetable’ is a description of someone who no longer has brain function, implying that the people in the videos shared would have been seriously injured or died doing the actions.

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As the account has been banned, the user will not be able to add any posts or submit any comments to that subReddit.

Twitter Response

This Twitter user appears clueless at the sudden removal of the account wondering what to do with his spare time now that the subReddit has been deleted.

A second Twitter user is particularly outraged that the account has been banned, and has shared an image supporting the account.

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In the image, it states that the user has become more careful in his everyday life after watching videos of people being involved in dangerous activities.

He claims “This sub has literally saved my life” in the image that has been shared.

The content that was displayed on the Reddit forum was perhaps too violent for some users to view, and they may have found the content distressing to watch.

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It is currently unknown whether the ban will be lifted on the SubReddit, or whether the DeadorVegetable account will remain unable to use it’s account indefinitely.