Sienna Mae Gomez in TikTok merch drama: Did You Eat Today?

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The drama on TikTok never stops and now some fans are offended with Sienna Mae Gomez after she released her latest merch. In fact, she even had to write an apology letter – damn!

Sienna Mae Gomez is famous on TikTok with 6.2million followers for her body positivity image. However, now receiving backlash for glamorising eating disorders in her new merch labeled ‘did you eat today?’

The now-deleted merch offended many of Sienna’s fans who looked up to her for promoting everybody is beautiful, however, when the merch came out fans were disgusted and turned to Twitter to rant.

Sienna Mae Gomez merch drama explained

TikTok star Sienna Mae Gomez grew a fan base from followers who were inspired by her body positivity. Her confidence inspired many fans… until a new merch dropped on February 15th and many followers were offended and hurt by the insensitive quote ‘did you eat today?’ People on Twitter stated that it made fun of people with eating disorders and was a trigger.

At first, when the hate started Sienna tried to defend herself and explain what she meant by the saying on the merch. On her Instagram story she wrote:

“asking others, did you eat today? is about expressing compassion and care for people who are struggling…”

The now-deleted story of Sienna defending herself is still surfacing on Twitter with some not-so-happy fans and haters. Drama accounts are loving this one!

Later on, after listening to fans she made a Tiktok video along with an Instagram story apologising.

She stated: “I’m young and still navigating this world and this industry and obviously, I will not always get it right the first time.’ Fans were happy she wasn’t crying and sending a fake apology video which made her sound sincere in her apology. Which not many influencers are the best at I might add.”

Despite all the hate, Sienna donated all money raised by the merch to Teen Line, a place that many teens can reach out for help.

To end the drama Sienna was mature and ended her post with ‘I care about you and thank you for speaking up’.

What’s your thoughts on the issue?