Snapchat’s new Compatibility Filter – what is it and how do I use it?

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Snapchat’s new Compatibility Filter can be used to check if you’re astrologically compatible with your friends. By filling out foue simple questions Snapchat compares your star sign with your friends to see how compatible you are astrological.

Check out how to get involved below!

What is Snapchat’s Compatibility Filter?

Astrology has become the new hype on all social media platforms in 2021 and Snapchat’s new update, which came out in November 2020, allows you and your friends to see how compatible you are.

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Snapchat partnered with Cosmopolitan’s US astrologer Aurora Tower to create these astrological predictions for all the Snapchat users. It gives a brief description of how your relationship that covers five features – attraction, intensity, tension, support and harmony.

How to use it

You can only check your compatibility with your friend if they have their star sign turn on. This can be done by clicking your bitmoji on Snapchat and accessing your Snapchat profile. You can turn it on by clicking the purple start sign next to your name and answering a few simple questions, your birthday, time of birth and place of birth.

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Snapchat users can share their astrological profiles on their stories, save to their camera roll, check out their friend’s profiles or even test their friendships through astrology.

People are obsessing over the new filter, and a trend on Twitter going around where people are testing out their compatibility with their significant others. Everyone is loving the new trend and some might be taking it a bit too seriously.

@cieraaarae on tweeted ‘told my mom I was talking to someone new and she really starts looking up our astrology signs and compatibility. like okay mom chill it’s not that deep yet’

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