What does ‘Eiffel Tower’ mean on TikTok? New meme explained!

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TikTok doesn’t shy away from new viral meanings. And, this time, it’s the ‘Eiffel Tower’ that has many users wondering what the meaning is.

Normally, the Paris landmark is one of the most known landmarks in the world, but now it’s becoming the most known sexual position on TikTok.

This isn’t the first time a sexual meaning or challenge has blown on TikTok – this year has been so many similar challenges – users wondering what ‘Eiffel Tower’ on TikTok means is just one of many.

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‘Eiffel Tower’ meaning on TikTok explained

‘Eiffel Tower’ on TikTok is a sexual position between three people. Often it’s because the three involved usually get into the ‘Eiffel Tower’ position by all laying on each other recreating the French landmark.

Many users on TikTok have turned ‘Eiffel Tower’ into a meme, as there have been many videos of people making jokes about it. For example, there is a vid of people hashtagging or putting text saying ‘Eiffel Tower’ when showing two celebrities or more.

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Some users have been getting comments and DMs on TikTok from people just saying ‘Eiffel Tower’ as they might’ve shown their friend or twin sister like this TikTok description portrays.


every time I show my twin sister on here I always get a dm asking us to Eiffel Tower them… please don’t be that person today

♬ original sound – 〖Ŧrͥevͣeͫe〗

‘Eiffel Tower’ on TikTok and James Charles Meme explained

Many people have used the Eiffel Tower meme and in true TikTok style and created a sound from famous influencer James Charlies’s old video, where he explains his trip to Paris.

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While this sound plays users are seen to have a greenscreen of two of their celebrity crushes, many have included actors and singers. The sound from James Charles ‘going to Paris’ is meant to suggest that they want to do an ‘Eiffel Tower’ with their chosen celebrities.

The sound for this Tik Tok is called: wii wii welcome to parii

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Many users have found this trend funny and even though the meaning itself is very sexual – the addition of the James Charles meme makes it even more of a funny meme as its so indirect!

Funny examples of ‘Eiffel Tower’ on TikTok

This very Harry Potter fan wants to do have an ‘Eiffel Tower’ with Professor Snape and Lucious Malfoy – many people would be shocked by her choices yet some people won’t be…

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This girl is one of the thousands of TikTok users who have done this meme with Chris Evans from Captain America and Sebastian Stan. For some reason, every other video is these two being asked to ‘Eiffel Tower’.

The ‘Eiffel Tower’ meaning is meant to be an inside joke for the people who know what it means… and it seems this girl broke the rule as now her mum has found out the meaning and the TikTok she previously made – oh no!

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