How did Paris Sky become paralyzed? Twitter celebrates her pregnancy!

Screenshot frmo Instagram @parissky_

Paris Sky is a model, make-up aficionado, and a fitness freak who is an inspiration to people of all ages.

People of all types look up to her because of all that she has been through and how she has overcome her problems.

Learn all about her accident, how she became paralysed, her career and the latest flurry on Twitter which has fans rooting in her favour.

Who is Paris Sky?

Born on 17th November 1998, this Instagram star is just 22 years old. She was born in Texas and kept her private life very private which means we don’t know much about her family or dating life.

What we do know and love is that she has a website where she sells caps, clothes, sunglasses, and even customized masks now. If you want to check out her site or support her by buying her products, here is the link to her self-titled website.

Paris has a whopping following of 700k followers on her Instagram account (@parissky_) where she posts about her journey, her new products, shares her love for her followers and herself, and posts her exercise routines.

Paris Sky’s accident in February 2017

Paris isn’t your average Instagram model as she carries a story of strong will and inspiration. This is because has suffered from a major spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the waist down.

It is not something you expect from an Instagram model but does she let her physical restrictions stop her? Not at all.

The 22-year-old keeps her Insta updated with her fitness routines that motivate everyone because if she can do it then we should at least try a little.

Paris doesn’t just show off her workouts but also encourages and supports people with similar injuries, for example below where she is meeting people who are going through something similar.

She also has a small following on Twitter (@parissky_) and shares her thoughts and updates about her life.

You can see the strength in the person when they talk about being happy while they are hurting.

A celebration on Twitter

The latest update about this beautiful human is that she was feeling blessed on Valentine’s Day because she is pregnant.

On Instagram, she posted the “the greatest chance at life (REBIRTH)” – which refers to her accident.