TikTok: What are ‘the icks’? Easy explanation and 5 hilarious examples!

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TikTok features new slang all the time, but recently everyone has been wondering: What is the meaning of ‘icks’?

Getting ‘the ick’ can be a real pain, but creators are going crazy about sharing their personal icks onto the app. Continue reading to find out the real meaning of ‘icks’ and perhaps discover what yours are!

What are ‘icks’ and how do they develop?

‘The ick’ is a newly-coined term that applies to the sudden feeling that someone develops towards a person they were previously attracted to.

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This feeling can be established by something that is essentially a ‘turn-off’. In other words, it is a trait that you find unappealing which therefore sparks unattractiveness.

Many things can evoke ‘the ick’ as it is a personal feeling which can vary from each individual.

For example, something that makes you feel uncomfortable could also be very comforting/attractive to someone else.

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However, there does seem to be many icks that are mutually experienced by lots of people.

TikTok user @fatpunanicooch has posted five videos which contain a list of specific icks.

The popular hashtag #icks currently has 71.7 million views and is full of all the things that bother the users.

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Icks have been trending on social media for months now – it seems as though users love to expose their turn-offs, no matter how silly they are.

Trending content often includes users listing things that give them the ick, however, it also involves people acting out particular icks.

Getting the ick is usually a problem faced by females when beginning to couple-up with someone.

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However, the male gender have now also begun to expose some of their personal icks that they develop.

Cian Mcbrien (@cianmcbrien) posted a video listing boys supposed biggest icks.

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Funny examples of the ‘ick’

TikTok creator, @serie.irie, recently uploaded a video whereby she pointed out that she does not have any icks, except when it comes to toxic masculinity.

Irie imagined her partner using the term ‘gay’ as an offensive statement and proceeded to act repulsed.


we don’t believe in toxic masculinity around these parts #fyp #icks #viral

♬ original sound – tiff

TikTok user, @lucinacross, created a video dedicated to listing male-related icks in order to help people get over their ex-partners.

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Another TikTok user, @leahlouvaine, instructed her boyfriend to act out a popular ick that many girls develop; dancing up and down at a concert.

Leah stated that she needed to see if this would give her the ick, to which she afterwards jokingly-confirmed.


It’s the looking side to side for me 😂 #icks #fyp

♬ original sound – Leah Louvaine

Creator @keevaburkex drew attention to just how picky females can be when it comes to liking the opposite sex as she stated her ick involved a boy simply liking her back.

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Aside from people listing their icks, these TikTok creators have taken it upon themselves to act out girl’s icks, perhaps in an attempt to trigger the ‘ick’ feeling.

TikTok user @m.iles and his friends have now uploaded four parts to their series titled ‘Acting Out Girl’s Ick’s’.


Enjoy.. highly requested part 2, follow for part 3 coming soon 😘 #britishtok #ick #icks #fyp #britishboys #mua #schoffelgang #trend #uk @olliemaude

♬ Shaxicula (Toxic x Love Shack x Dragula) – DJ Cummerbund

This particular video has now gained 2.1 million views along with 343.4K likes and a comment section filled with people’s reactions.

Go ahead and discover what gives you ‘the icks’!