TikTok: How to buy that flavoured water bottle – Cirkul filter here!

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Millions of people on TikTok are amazed at how good this water bottle is and the flavors are totes to die for. You HAVE to check it out.

We are not talking about just a water bottle.. we are talking about THE bottle that not only makes the act of drinking water amazing but also has a regulator to control the “flavourness” of the water. We will explain in detail what is so great about this bottle, where to get it and how to reuse it as well.

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11/10 recommend 💘 www.drinkcirkul.com/trial #cirkul #drinkcirkul

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All about Cirkul water bottle

If you go on TikTok right now and look in the hashtag #cirkul, you will find 15 million views on the videos. People are going crazy about this water bottle and it deserves all the attention that it is getting. You will soon understand why.



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Users are saying stuff like “Is this witchcraft?” and “Wait what kind of sorcery is this?” when it comes to this bottle because the flavours that you get are amazing.

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There is a website called Cirkul and their aim is to make the process of drinking water “fun, easy, and delicious” and they have really outdone themselves.

With 39 delicious flavours to choose from and a twist on the bottle that lets you customize the intensity of the flavour really takes the water bottle game to the next level.

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The best part is that these flavours contain no calories so you can actually drink coffee or iced teas without gaining any calories. How cool is that?


Orange is my all time fav, but this is def added to the list!!! ☕️ #cirkul #cirkulwaterbottle #coffee #icedcoffee #yum #fyp

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So go on to this website and get your own bottle now and let us know if you like it.

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TikTok on how to reuse the flavoured water bottle

A lot of people loved the flavours so much that they ordered a whole new bottle just for the flavour. We understand the impulse but buying so many bottles is not environment-friendly, is it? It is also not cost-effective.

So we found a way for you to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We hope you follow this method.

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