TikTok: Who is Sky Fontaine? Age and OnlyFans!

Screen shot from @skyfontainee TikTok.

TikTok is dominated by the likes of Addison Rae, Loren Grey, and Dixie D’Amelio – they’re almost household names at this point.

Although, we’ve noticed a new TikToker on the platform and her follower count is growing rapidly.

Who is Sky Fontaine?

Sky Fontaine (@skyfontainee) is relatively new to TikTok, judging by her bio, which reads: “Heyy I’m new here! Follow me only if you are ready to be obsessed 🥰.”

Although she might be the newbie of the platform, her follower count is already close to reaching 100k. At the time of writing, Sky has 72k followers and only follows two accounts.

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The up-and-rising social media starlet doesn’t reveal too much personal information on her account. Although, she does have an Instagram account linked to her TikTok, but it is privatized with 37.6k followers.


you gotta do what you gotta do 🥰 #fyp #foryou

♬ on purpose – lucci 🙂

How old is Sky Fontaine?

Her Instagram bio discloses that she is 18 years old. She also has a link to her OnlyFans platform in her bio.

What type of TikTok content does she make?

On TikTok, Sky primarily makes relatable, comedic sketches using popular TikTok sounds and adding her own text.

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With her content reaching up to 2.5 million views, it’s fair to say that TikTok users are enamoured with the platform’s newcomer.

Under one of Sky’s recent TikTok’s, one user hilariously commented “Stop✍🏻falling✍🏻in✍🏻love✍🏻with✍🏻every✍🏻girl✍🏻you✍🏻see✍🏻on✍🏻TikTok✍🏻because✍🏻they✍🏻don’t✍🏻know✍🏻 your✍🏻existence”, to which Sky replied with a simple, yet effective, “hi🥰.”

With her model-like looks and engaging content, it’s easy to see why her follower count is growing so rapidly in such a short space of time!

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Is Sky on Instagram?

Sky Fontaine’s TikTok handle is @skyfontainee and, since her first post in mid-February, she has been creating content fairly regularly. You can probably expect to see a new TikTok at least twice a week.

At present, Sky has six videos uploaded to TikTok, but we’re counting on her having much more fun content to come.

As for Sky’s private Instagram, she only has eight posts so it’s not possible to know whether or not she posts consistently on Instagram.

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Could Sky Fontaine join the likes of Loren Grey and Zoe Laverne as TikTok royalty in the next couple of months?