WATCH: TikTok’s Cat spa day video is everything you need – and more!

Screenshot from TikTok ac @dontstopmeowing

People on the internet have always been crazy about cats but this wholesome video is gonna make everyone a cat lover!

We didn’t just find an extra cute video but a wholesome page for you to obsess over cat videos. You can get lost in this account for hours once you get started. So before we show you the video in which the cat is getting a spa, we will show you a bunch of other cat videos. Yay!

Who posted the viral ‘cat spa day’ video?

This amazing video was created by husband-and-wife duo Kareen and Fifi and posted on their joint account @dontstopmeowing. They have more than three million followers and this video is just gonna bring a lot more in the upcoming days.

They are even popular on Instagram and YouTube, plus they have their website where they sell products related to cats. Even Amazon has some of their cute kitty products available for purchase.

The video of a cat having a spa day

This video has reached more than 41 million views already and it was just posted yesterday (1st March 2021).

So here is the video that you have been waiting for…

Chase, the cat, was vibing with the dad before mom tried to take him out of the bed. The cat protested vehemently and mom had to let them be.

The dad really knew what he was doing. There was good music to settle in, a comfy bed and blankets to snuggle, and what looked like aromatic steam dispenses that set the mood. Who wouldn’t want to be pampered like that after a long day of meowing?

Chase has been featured in most if not all of their videos. All the more reason to follow the page and spend going through their wholesome content.

Reactions to the kitty spa day

Twitter is going bollocks over this cuteness. Everyone now either wants a cat or a spa day. Or both.

Internet flooding with cute cat photos and videos is always refreshing. Don’t you think?