Why is my TikTok video under review? Users express their frustration

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There is a great deal of talk across social media today with TikTok users revealing their frustration with the app because their videos are under review.

If your TikTok video is currently ‘under review’ and you’re wondering why, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we will explore why TikTok isn’t allowing you to upload your videos, if the problem can be fixed, and some reactions from users on social media.

Why is my TikTok video under review?

Usually, TikTok’s are put under review if the video violates one of their community guidelines. It may take days to finally be approved, or it could be permanently removed.

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This may be because it includes one of the following:

  • Violence
  • Adult/ Pornographic content
  • Belongs to another creator
  • Spam
  • Other guidelines

However, users have been complaining across social media that their videos don’t contain any of these guidelines, so they’re confused why it’s been put under review (annoying – right?!).

Since the complaints, TikTok has provided an explanation for the error, so there’s no need to panic, it’s an issue with them, not your account!

Can this issue be fixed?

TikTok users have been patiently waiting for TikTok to post an update on whether their videos will finally be approved…

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They posted that they have found a solution this morning, so your TikTok’s should be fine to upload now, or they should be approved!

Twitter users express their frustration

When you’re having a problem with a social media app, Twitter is the first place everyone heads to see if everybody else is the same or if it’s only you!

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TikTokers complained about the issue on Twitter…

@mikeyaaaaaaa is disappointed that her favourite TikTokers videos are under review.

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Some Twitter users have developed a theory that this issue on TikTok coincidently happened right after Derek Chauvin’s conviction…

We hope that your TikToks are approved and running smoothly now… if not, then head over to @TikTokSupport for more information and updates.