Michael Le – the king of TikTok dances? Why you’ll love his moves!

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Michael Le is leading the Asian TikToker’s and everybody loves him and his charismatic personality, full of smiles.

Who is Michael Le from TikTok?

TikTok has been the biggest social media platform since the global pandemic started in early 2020. Influencers have devoted so much of their time to gaining a massive TikTok following due to the hundreds of millions of views daily on the app.

Michael Le was one of the first to gain a following on Instagram from dancing videos. He had been uploading on his Instagram and YouTube channel for a few years before venturing onto TikTok five or so years ago.

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Since then, Le has managed to rack up a whopping 46 million followers. One of the highest-paid Tiktoker’s in the world, reaching millions of views and likes in every video!


did i do it right?🧐🤣

♬ Sugarcrash! – ElyOtto

Le is all about his family! He makes most of his videos on TikTok with his two younger brothers, Jonathan and Daniel, and sister, Tiffany. He has always wanted to look out for his family, so with his fame he moved himself and his family to the sunny Los Angeles where they now make all their videos.

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He used his wide following to help his family financially, promoting his siblings and parents TikTok accounts (his mum now has 4.5 million followers), and they all love making the videos together.

What is the Shluv House?

Collab houses became a big movement for TikTok groups as it brought each of theirr their followings together to boost their profiles. The Shluv House was founded by Le, also known @justmaiko on his social media’s, and his four friends, one being just a little kid.

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The five were all big names on TikTok and came together to create even better content for their followers. It’s said that they’re more creative together and therefore more commercially prosperous together too.

But they aren’t the first to become a collab house. YouTubers, Viners before the app was discontinued and gamers have been making collab houses together for over 10 years. Other TikTok groups have also come together to form houses, the most notable being the Hype House, which features the queen of TikTok Charli D’Amelio.

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Here are some of his most recents, and you should try them too!


no ones ever down to finish this dance with me🙂 @jeanvictorm @jeffxtingz


this was strangely entertaining ngl😂😂

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