TikTok: What is Live Laugh Love? The song bringing life to the app!

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Another week, another trend. The “Live Laugh Love” challenge is becoming one of the most popular challenges on TikTok.

Here’s everything you need to know about it!

You haven’t heard of TikTok?

Since the pandemic started, there’s no doubt TikTok has come into your life. With the millions of videos posted every day, along with the app being free to watch and upload, the entertainment value is top of the league.

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TikTok is the leading app in the app store and revolves around quick, easy, fun entertainment that is suited to anyone’s preferences. As you use the app more, your “For You Page” begins to fill up with videos that you have been most interactive with, whether that likes, follows, comments, or how many times you have viewed a certain video.

What is the Live Laugh Love song?

Like many trends, the “Live Laugh Love” song has a deeper meaning to it. The entertainment value is there for the people to see, but the message to spread happiness and positivity is something not always seen in trends.

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The “Live Laugh Love” song isn’t the most stylish song, with no music in the background it is just a simple recording done by TikToker, Cassie T. The TikToker had not had any sort of fame until she uploaded the sound, and you could tell she was surprised as she uploaded the song onto YouTube, titling it “My 15 seconds of fame on TikTok”.

Not only can you watch but you can also upload. By creating an account, for free, you allow yourself to create videos on the spot or upload videos from your camera roll and watch the views roll in. It’s key to add popular hashtags in the description of your videos to boost your views, two of the best ones to use are #fyp and #xyzbca.

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The song rose to fame when several verified TikTok influencers used her song in their videos, the song raking in millions of views.

The Live Laugh Love Challenge on TikTok

The original challenge was to lip-sync over the original Cassie T. song, which did very well and gathered millions of views, including taking the original Cassie T. video to 1.2 million views.

However, the challenge developed to creative TikTokers transforming the “Live Laugh Love” to “Alive ahaha F**k”. The more creative ones, using the Cassie T. sound, did paintings with cool backgrounds and the words “Alive ahaha F**k” over the top, and they look incredible!

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This took way longer than I thought it would lol don’t flop🥺💖#livelaughlove#painting#quarantine#foryou#foryoupage

♬ Befe American Dead Cross – Rebekah Spence

And, as of March 2021, the #Livelaughlove has been viewed more than 3003 million times on the TikTok app!