TikTok: Childhood trauma test link and reactions

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After the human emotions quiz, the next TikTok trend is the Childhood trauma test and that might actually be helpful to users.

There are certain coping mechanisms and irrational thinking that adults have because of their childhood trauma. This test can help you realize what those are and once you are conscious about these things only then you can start on the journey of resolving them.

TikTok’s viral test that determines if you have childhood trauma will show you if you have any guilt, abandonment feelings, distrust, etc. left because of that trauma.

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Before you go on to the test, it is important to understand that it is okay if you feel any or more of these things and that childhood trauma is still affecting you.


not the abandonment trauma🧎‍♂️#childhoodtraumatest

If you haven’t been given proper tools to deal with your trauma, how can you be expected to be better? The important thing is that it has been brought to your attention or you are trying to figure it all out and trying to be better.

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After all, that’s all each of us can do – be better than you were yesterday. That should be enough.

Going back to the trauma test, here is the link in which you can find out more about your childhood trauma and understand your emotions and reactions better.

The link will take you to a page on mind.betterme.world and you will be asked which of the four emotions you feel the most. It is a one minute quiz and there will be about 18 or so simple questions for you to answer.

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It will ask you a little about your childhood, your current sleeping habits and feelings, your assumptions, and what you hope to get better.

Answering these questions as honestly as you can will get you the most accurate results obviously. So feel free to choose “I am not sure” when you aren’t instead of choosing a random answer.

Let us know what your results are and if they were accurate or not in the comment section below.

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