TikTok: How to make Anna’s Paul pasta recipe – step by step guide!

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Anna’s Paul delicious pasta recipe went viral on TikTok during quarantine. Here’s a step by step guide of the recipe. Enjoy!

During quarantine, many influencers almost became food bloggers. They started trying out recipes and documenting them on social media encouraging people to make the most out of their time at home.

Anna Paul joined the trend and shared her quick albeit delicious pasta recipe on TikTok and people went bonkers over how good it looked and started trying out the recipe. The hashtag “annapaulspasta” has approximately 500k views on TikTok.

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Decided to give Anna Paul’s pasta a try and I can honestly say it’s so delicious and quick to make #annapaulspasta @annapaul_ #fyp #cooking #pasta

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Who is Anna Paul?

Anna Paul is a 21-year-old influencer who has over 860k followers on TikTok, 382k followers on Instagram and 208k subscribers on YouTube.

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The influencer has roots from Turkey, Bulgaria and Germany, but she currently lives in Queensland, Australia.

Anna Paul shared a yummy pasta recipe on TikTok and it has blown up on the platform 🍝.

How to make Anna’s Paul pasta recipe

  • Firstly, start by boiling water for the pasta and add a little bit of salt; once the water has boiled, add the pasta, ideally use fusilli pasta.
  • Then, saute some cherry tomatoes in a pan with olive oil. In the meantime, chop some garlic.
  • Put the cherry tomatoes in a bowl and saute the garlic next with olive oil.
  • Add tomato paste, mix and let it cook for a couple of minutes.
  • Afterwards, add half a glass of vodka and a whole can of coconut milk while mixing thoroughly until smooth.
  • Finally, add the pasta to the sauce, some of the pasta water, the tomatoes you sauteed earlier and mix together.
  • Add salt and pepper, any seasoning of your choice and cheese if you please.
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Put the pasta on a plate and enjoy this quick yummy meal 🤤!