TikTok: What is Daveed Chet’s real name?

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Screen shot: Schatz Shenanigans on YouTube

TikTok is, clearly, a growing platform that is the home of all types of content creators. The latest, and very popular, type of content creator is the family-friendly TikTok guy.

The Schatz family, who also have a Youtube channel with almost 20,000 subscribers, are also very popular creators on TikTok. The mom, who goes by the name Schatz, has 2.1 million followers and over 100 million likes!

So yeah, extremely popular 🏆.

@daveed_chet ‘s real name revealed:

Another member of the family that is growing very popular on the app is her husband David. Even though his TikTok handle is @daveed_chet; that just is a showcase of his personality as he has simply spelt his name out phonetically as a joke.

He also goes by the nickname Chet, which we found out when his wife made a TikTok calling him his actual name (David) and he freaked out to say the least:

He makes hilarious content as well, dad jokes being his specialty and even sings!


You know I love me some dad jokes! @schatz224 #dadjokes

♬ original sound – Chet

This TikTok family radiated joy and good vibes, so it is truly worth checking them out.