TikTok drama: Who is Issy Oakley? Fake account ‘trolling’ explained!

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Screenshot from TikToK @issyoakley

Over the weekend, Issy Oakley has faced a tremendous amount of backlash following claims she had created a fake account to troll fellow TikToker, Lauren Saddlington.

Who is Issy Oakley?

Issy Oakley is a content creator on TikTok, well-known for her beauty, lifestyle, and comedy videos. She has over 300k followers on the social media platform, with over 15 million likes on the app altogether.


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Why has she had so much hate over social media recently?

On Saturday, Lauren Saddlington released a video on TikTok accusing Issy of trolling her videos with a fake account under the name of @louloulouxxxxxx. The two met at a TikTok convention, and though she was a “nice person to start with,” she was ultimately “not a very nice girl.” Though Lauren claims that Issy admitted to the accusations, Issy quickly released a video denying the whole thing.

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What have both Issy and Lauren actually said about the situation?

Though both girls have briefly addressed the situation, their stories contrast.

Not sure who to believe? We’ve included both girls’ side of the story to help you make your mind up:


Part 2/4 ❤️ This has taken a lot of courage and I’m sorry to anybody I offend. But making a fake account to troll another creator is unacceptable.

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Part 3/4 ❤️ I’m in shock a creator would do this but I will stand up for myself and I won’t stay silent about this. I never got an apology for this

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Part 4/4 ❤️ You may have your opinions but this has affected me. How can we stop people trolling when a creator did it too? 💔 So not ok

♬ original sound – laurensaddington

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