Emily Dobson age revealed – YouTube and TikTok star confusion following Google search!

screenshot emily
Screenshot from TikTok @Emily.Dobson

Emily Dobson is a rising star on social media, more specifically YouTube and TikTok. With her youthful looks, many are wondering how old she actually is.

Who is Emily Dobson?

Emily Dobson is well-known for the content she shares on her social media. She has over a million subscribers on YouTube and an additional 1.7 million followers on TikTok!

She started her career as a dancer, performing in competitions such as the 2018 California Star Ball and the 2019 Emerald Ball DanceSport Championship. Emily has also dabbled in modelling and acting.

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How old is Emily Dobson?

Emily Dobson was born on the 3rd April 2008, making her just 13 years old.

In fact, for her birthday, she did create a video dedicated to it, seeing if her friends would remember her special day. She also hinted at a sequel as the description read, ‘stay tuned to see how everything worked out.’

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What type of video content does Emily make?

On YouTube, Emily is recognized for her prank and challenge videos, which often involve her friends and family. As a dancer, she uses her TikTok platform to get involved in the latest dance challenges that are trending.

A few of our favourite TikToks by Emily Dobson


Your 3rd @ has a crush on you!!❤️ Who is it?!🤩 @sawyersharbino #fyp #foryoupage #dance #emilydobson #viral #MoneyTok

♬ original sound – Bryant Brogden

Your 5th @ has to do this dance with you!!💃 Who is it?!@piperrockellebby 💕💫 #fyp #dance #foryoupage #foryou #viral #emilydobson #WeekendVibes

♬ Fuck It Up – Ocho Drippin