YouTube: Grace Helbig and Elliott Morgan are engaged

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Screenshot, YouTube, @Grace Helbig

YouTube star Grace Helbig has announced her engagement to American stand-up comedian Elliot Morgan and has taken to Instagram to share the news.

She shared an adorable post to her 1.4 million followers on Sunday, with a montage of pictures showing off her ring.

The couple have been taking social media by storm in recent years, with Grace being known for her popular YouTube channel, and Elliot being best know being a co-host of the YouTube channel, SourceFed.

The couple have been dating since 2019, but have been best friends for years and the rest is history!

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The announcement on Instagram

Taking to Instagram to share their happy news with their enormous fan base, both Grace and Elliot opted to make a post on each of their social media accounts.

@Gracehelbig shared the photos alongside the caption:

‘Well, isn’t this just wild’,

Where her finance Elliot responded:


The pictures show the happy couple cuddling up together with lots of PDA!

Elliot also shared his own post about the engagment by posting a picture of the two of them and captioning it:

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‘I love this girl. Always will. But she’s no longer my girlfriend. (Update: she’s my girlfriancé)’.

The photos that went alongside the announcement are absolutely adorable, and go a long way to show how in love the couple are.

Fan reactions

Famous fans of the couple have flocked to the Instagram comments section to show their support.

@Tessanetting said: “Hell yeah!! Congrats”

@Brittanyfurlan said: “Wooohoo!!!! 🙌❤️ “

Fans seem to be nothing but happy for the newly engaged couple as they voiced their support for the news.

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One fan said: ‘AHHHHHHHHHH FINALLY!!!!!!!’.

Another comment read: ‘OMG congratulations to you both!!!’.

What next for Grace Helbig and Elliott Morgan?

Now that the engagement has been announced, all that’s going to be on anyone’s mind is wedding bells, but what are the couple up to at the moment?

It was recently reported that Grace would be joining Mamrie Hart to host a limited podcast series How Ya Been? A show where the two would catch up with former and original YouTuber’s.

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With the series is set to launch in March, we might have to wait until after that is done before we start hearing anything about dates or wedding cakes!