TikTok: Video Snap Challenge explained – and best attempts!

Screenshot from TIkTOk @elizabethvasilenko

The best trend on TikTok right now is the video snap challenge that is compelling everyone to bring their A-game. Are you ready for this challenge?

A lot of TikTok stars are getting on this trend and showing off their beauty and creativity. This challenge requires you to prepare three excellent poses that go well together and get in those positions within three seconds each. You think you can do it?


ขายขำบ้างเผื่อรุ่ง555 Snap snap snap must try !!! #VideoSnapChallenge #GalaxyS21 #TeamGalaxy #GalaxyS21TH #ad @samsung

♬ Freaks – 88rising

Can I do the Video Snap Challenge?

#VideoSnapChallenge has more than 4 billion views on TikTok because it is so eye-catching with the awesome beat of Freaks by 88rising.

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But you need to have a Galaxy S21 to do it so not everybody can do this challenge.

If you see this video, you can see that you can take high resolution pictures from your videos so no need to wait for the perfect moment. You can just keep shooting the video and click a picture from that video at your convenience.

If you have this phone, here is a video that will show you how to use this feature.

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Although not all of us have this phone to appreciate this feature, it is still beautiful and the TikTokers are really doing their best to show us their moves.

Best TikTok attempts

The video of this challenge goes from TikTokers doing one pose after the other in 3 seconds but each of those poses gets captured as a photo and the others add on. Here is an example –

So some users try to change outfits as well instead of just poses.

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te reto a clonarte con el #VideoSnapChallenge de @Samsung los voy a estar viendo!!! 😳 #GalaxyS21 #withGalaxy #TeamGalaxy

♬ Freaks – 88rising

خذلك صورة بكل شخصياتك باستخدام خاصية فيديو سناب اعرض أسلوبك أو حركاتك أو حتى تصرفاتك واقفز مع #VideoSnapChallenge

♬ Freaks – 88rising

The most creative attempts are the ones where TikTokers have different makeup on each side of the face. It shows the extent of how different they can look based on their makeup.


Я могу быть совершено разной, как и вы, попробуйте новую фичу с виртуальным Galaxy S21 фото из видео 8К#GalaxyS21#VideoSnapChallenge

♬ Freaks – 88rising

There’s a few sides to every girl! Show off yours with the #VideoSnapChallenge #GalaxyS21 #TeamGalaxy #ad @samsung

♬ Freaks – 88rising