TikTok: What is the Spirit Airlines turbulence trend?

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

A lot of TikTok users are talking and making videos about Spirit Airlines and its turbulence while traveling in 2021.

Scroll below to know more about the Spirit Airlinces turbulence, prices, customer services, and the TikTok trend.

Turbulence problem of Spirit Airlines in 2021

A TikTok user @drosebeauty posted a video that went viral with about 9 million views in a few days. You can check the turbulence level of Spirit airlines in the video that is posted above.

It was posted with the caption “Never taking spirit airlines again #spirit #spiritairlines #turbulence #flight #uhoh #fyp”. The text on the video also said “We’re about to die”.

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The next video got 1.1 million views that just had a photo that must have been taken in the airport with the text that says “Follow me for part 2. Multiple people have sprained their neck! The second video is crazy. I am posting it when I get off work! Follow me”. You can check this video right below.


Reply to @scottyhawk22

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

There has been no updates on the airlines after that video from the user except for a cat video. So far, there is no evidence that this video is taken on Spirit Airlines so check below what the majority lies when it comes to the experience in this airlines.

TikTok users about Spirit Airlines

A quick check on the hashtag #spiritairlines reveals that Spirit Airlines is pretty popular for very cheap flights, normal turbulence, and bad service. The hashtag has more than 200 million views so far (on 19th September 2021).

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TikTokers often act out scripts to show how bad the flight attendants can get.


Ngl the 4$ water was dry @spiritairlines 🤷‍♂️ #spiritairlines

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Reply to @jeremiahchapman8 Not all crew love their jobs HAHAHA 💀💀💀 #cabincrew #spiritairlines

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Of course these TikTokers are exaggerating for comedic effect but there are real issues with the flights. A user @patriotblake2 pointed out that a family was kicked out of the plane because a two-year old was eating food without a mask on.


Spirit kicks family off because a 2 year old was eating! #fyp #airplane #biden #trump #covid #spiritairlines #news

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