TikTok: Egyptian Cat Video Explained


Why is the Egyptian Cat Video Going Viral? Hashtag Hyena explains why funny Egyptian Cat Videos are so popular just for you!

Egyptian Cat Video

There’s been an Egyptian Cat Video trend on tiktok where the character from the renowned series “Animal Crossing” is dancing to catchy music. Are funny Egyptian cat videos popular because of the music? Or the strange hypnotic dancing? Or both?!

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Why Are Funny Egyptian Cat Videos Going Viral?

The main reason for the Egyptian Cat Video going viral is the music coming straight from the game. The music is known to some users, whereas others who heard it for the first time found it catchy. The music has an Egyptian flair and a little blend of poppy music, and is quite appealing to the users. 

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Users even posted their videos with the same music in background and used related hashtags. While some posted pictures of their cat on different social media platforms. 

The Egyptian cat named “Ankha” is a  popular character of the game “Animal Crossing” and she is another reason that its going viral. That’s the reason some users even started uploading videos of Ankha. While some users used the sound in their own videos. 

Reactions To Egyptian Cat Video

Though, this particular video is weird, yet people are finding it fun and that’s what tiktok is about. Just like all other trends, this video too had both positive and negative reactions. Some users found it fun and enjoyed the music, ssaying “ That Ankha Egyptian Cat is giving Levi vibes ”. 

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While some users enjoyed the music and the dance, some users found it absurd and called it R rated. With both negative and positive reactions, the video went viral and is now widely trending on other social media platforms as well. 

The video is still in trend and the music is gaining popularity after this trend. So it would be great to create unique content with this music and related hashtags to make your content go viral. 

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