How to do the Inverted Filter on TikTok – see what your face really looks like!

Screenshot from TikTok @rosegoldzebra kay-anna

The brand new Inverted Filter is a total hit on TikTok because it shows how your face looks like to other people!

Would you like to see how your face is perceived by everyone? Then hop on this trend and invert your face. You can also post a video with your reaction to your inverted face.

How does this filter work?

The way you see yourself is quite different from the way the world views you. They see the look of your face that can be inverted to see how you see yourself and vice versa.

If you are insecure and have issues with your face or body, this is a way to check how people view you and that might help you be secure about yourself.

How to do the Inverted Filter effect

Go on the TikTok app and instead of going for ‘Filters’, click on the ‘Effects’ option that is on the right of the ‘Record’ button.

Scroll over all the headings until you find the ‘Face Filters’ option. You can find the filter here. The icon is made of two light blue horizontal arrows pointing in different directions.

Not everyone loved this filter but everyone loves watching videos of this filter to see the reactions of users. They also like seeing the subtle differences in the images.

So whether you like it or not, record a video while trying it for the first time. We bet your fans are going to love the video anyway and it will give you a lot of reach.

Best attempts on TikTok


#stitch with @samshapiroo #inverted I literally have a smaller eye. I’m gonna cry tok now. #fyp #tiktokdeletethis #tiktok this was cruel.

♬ original sound – Maelyn

Reply to @gogy.cos #inverted 😳 um chile anyways so 🤥 #nosejob #nosejobcheck #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – <3

Here’s something you need to see before you try the filter though…


If you don’t believe me, you can ask @hankgreen1 #inverted #mirror #selfie #neuroscience

♬ original sound – Mitch Harden

One thing to remember is that you are beautiful, no matter what you see in the inverted image. People have been loving you before you used the inverted filter and they will continue to do so regardless of your own perceptions about your appearance.

Share your thoughts on the inverted filter once you try it in the comments below.