TikTok: Georgia Landscaper and Content Violation Tour drama explained!

Screenshot from Instagram @georgialandscaper

Georgia Landscaper is a very popular TikTok star and there is a lot of drama going around him and his tour.

@thegeorgialandscaper is part of tour named Content violation but apparently he was kicked out a while ago for being “unethical” and “immoral”. So lets find out what happened on the tour and if the reasons for kicking him out are true or not.

Who is Georgia Landscaper?

Georgia is popular on TikTok for his funny and quirky videos that are endearing to the audience as people of his generation are not that cool. He is an owner

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People at this age are usually yelling at kids to get off their phones and not shooting TikTok videos so it is refreshing to see someone who has a wife and kids take the time to create such content. He has been very private about his family so we have no information on them as of now.

He has more than 920k followers on TikTok and he is also getting a lot of reach on Instagram with his 64k followers. If you look at his bio, you will notice that he has dubbed himself to be the “TikTok Funny Man”.

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Drama with Content Violation

If you look up the group, #contentviolation has garnered more than 16 million views on the platform. In 2021, Georgia joined the group and started on a tour.

But after a while, Georgia said he was kicked out of the tour and some bad words were said. He then mentioned that he is not going to hold a grudge even though some of them blocked/unfollowed him. Georgia said he forgave them and they aren’t going to be “living rent-free in my head”.

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But this drama was addressed by another member @Officer_Eudy who clarified that Georgia was doing stuff that was “unethical, immoral and not what we stand for as a group”. According to this officer, Georgia was not kicked out but only told to take some time off to clear his head and come back with the right mindset.

We don’t know who is telling the truth but it is good to know there is no bad blood between these content creators.

His best TikTok videos


Major fuel leak from the work that was done on the truck 😖#georgiadoesamerica #idaho

♬ original sound – Georgialandscaper

Where can I get good southern food in Utah 😂@scottdhenry #georgiadoesamerica #utah

♬ original sound – Georgialandscaper