TikTok: Is Olivia Ponton gay? Fans speculate coming out video

Olivia Ponton.

Now that TikTokers Olivia Ponton and Kio Cyr have called it quits, Olivia’s followers have theorised that she might have disclosed information about her sexuality.

Rumours are flying across multiple social media platforms, following a recent TikTok video by Olivia.

Why do fans think that Olivia Ponton is gay?

The speculation surrounding the social media star’s sexuality stems from a TikTok made by Olivia herself.

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In early March, the TikToker made a video lip-synching to a NICKI MINAJ remix song, mouthing the lyrics:

“I am not gay, well first of all ehhhh, but let’s be precise.”

Olivia also participated in the slumber party trend, which is set to a song that explores sexuality within the lyrics.

Various other social stars have used TikTok as a platform to come out, meaning it’s definitely not an uncommon way of publicly sharing the news.

Does Olivia Ponton have a girlfriend?

The rumours quickly spread from TikTok to Instagram and Twitter – some users even think that Olivia has a girlfriend.

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As of recently, the TikToker has been posting videos with fellow social media star, @ohkai_, further adding to the speculation.

Kai makes ‘day in the life at UCLA’ videos and has over 640k followers on the platform.

As of right now, nor Olivia or Kai have confirmed the rumours or made their relationship ‘official’ publicly. However, with that being said, Olivia posted an Instagram story, featuring Kai, with the caption: “Happy birthday bubs, you’re my favourite.”

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How are fans welcoming Olivia to the community?

Fans seem excited to welcome Olivia Ponton to the LGBTQ+ community, flooding her TikTok videos with overwhelmingly positive comments:

“This is so cute!”

“My heart!”


“She looks so happy.”


happy birthday bubs✨💟 u my favorite

♬ original sound – creepy slowed audios

Do you think that Kai and Olivia are dating?