TikTok: All about SRD Cosmetics – self-defense products taking social media by storm!

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A TikTok account called SRD Cosmetics is selling useful products for girls like self-defense keychains and discrete pen knives that you cannot get anywhere.

Getting products for self-defense isn’t cheap nor is it readily available but this TikToker knows the need for these products. This account not only sells bad-ass stuff but it is available in cute colors so that you can look sexy and stay safe at the same time.

Who is SRD Cosmetics?

SRD Cosmetics is a small company selling some cosmetics products and some products that look like cosmetics but are actually for self-defense. They look funky, cool, and girl-ish.

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So if you buy a lipstick from this company and show it in front of people, no one would suspect that it has a knife hidden inside.

This company provides everyday items like combs, pens, and lipsticks that have knives inside.

There is no detail available about the people who are behind this company but we know that there are two people running this small-scale business and they ship world-wide.

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You can contact them on Instagram, TikTok, or buy from their website directly.

The Tiktoker is very engaging and even shows the process of making the keychains in their videos.

All about their viral products

This company sells keychains filled with products that can be used for self-defense or in cases of emergencies.

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They also sell cosmetics like whipped body butter, lip gloss, fake eye-lashes, etc.

In self-defense, they have an LED light, blaring alarm, glass-breaker, brass knuckles, knives, pepper spray, taser, etc.

Most of these products cost $39 and it is a worthy investment in your safety.

Here’s a video that shows how to use this key-chain in cases of emergency.

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Check out how to use the other products as well.


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Restocking stun guns + self defense add ons on FEBRUARY 15 at 12AM EST‼️‼️ #selfdefense #selfdefensekeychain #safety #safetykeychains #safetytips #fyp

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  1. Too bad it’s all a scam. No one outside of influencers are receiving their orders. All negative comments get deleted. I ordered in July of 2021 and haven’t received any communication, refunds, or products. Nothing gets answered. I’m not the only one with this problem. And she keeps rebranding to try and get the best off her. She cleared her whole Instagram because of negative feedback.