TikTok: Who is @mommyfarmer? How was her dog Boone killed?

Screenshot from TikTok @mommyfarmer

Rebecca Pyle is a popular TikToker who goes by the username @mommyfarmer and she shared the story of how Boone was killed.

This incident happened yesterday (23rd May 2022) on the farm called Twin Pines which is owned by @mommyfarmer. Let us get to know the TikToker and then we will tell you what happened to the dog.

Who is Mommy Farmer?

Rebecca Pyle’s (@mommyfarmer) bio says that she has a – A storybook farms with animals who don’t “Make Good Decisions”, www.TwinPines.Farm.

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Her 26 acres farm is set in Jackson County, Missouri. She makes TikTok videos and shares her experiences with her animals while overlooking an 1860s farmhouse and a barn. She has developed a shelter for more than 50 pets.

TikTok and Instagram are her go-to platforms for posting her video blogs about animals. Her content is always cute, funny, and wholesome.

You can also check out her website to see her schedule. There is usually a “Storytime” slot on Tuesdays, some events on Saturdays that are open to the public, etc. You can join in if you live nearby and be a part of the event. Have you ever seen Goat Yoga? These are the kinds of things you can experience on this farm.

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But apart from the cute and wholesome stuff, something really tragic happened with Boone that will break your heart. She has let us know in her most recent video –


Please pray for the evil in this world

♬ You Are My Sunshine – Kina Grannis

How was Boone killed?

Rebecca has decided not to share any details about what happened with Boone apart from the fact that he was intentionally killed. She and her family are mourning the loss of such a kind soul and remember him in a positive light.

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As mentioned in the post, there were witnesses when this tragic event happened but there was nothing anyone could do. Since dwelling on what we could have done never helps, let us give their family some privacy and let us keep them and Boone in our prayers. She has also said in her caption that “Please pray for the evil in the world”.

This event has touched the hearts of a lot of people because it has gone viral and has been viewed about 2.3 million times. All of the 45k comments show sympathy and the hurt that this event has caused a lot of viewers. Let us all hope and pray for a world where animals are treated better.