TikTok: What is the Singing Gamer trend? Watch nine amazing duets here!

Screenshot,YouTube AVHVideoTikTok
Screenshot, YouTube - AVH Video Tik Tok

The Singing Gamer trend encourages all TikTok users, particularly gamers, to duet with other users. It seems like singing and gaming are two of the best ways to get famous on TikTok, so why not turn singing into a game?

As more and more social media singers take part, here are some of the best duets.

What is the Singing Gamer trend?

TikTok users sing one of their favourite popular songs and type the lyrics out, making it clear when it is their turn to sing and when it is the other person’s turn. These videos have become hugely popular and give TikTok users the chance to show off their singing skills.

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Often typing, ‘come sing with me’ on their video and using the duet feature to make it clear they want other users to join in. The hashtag #duets has over 4 billion views, and #duetswelcome has 439 million views. Some of the results are amazing, watch them here!

9 amazing Singing Gamer duets:

1. Katiesgj and Jmko_music


#duet with @jmko_music this was actually rlly easy huh 🧍🏼‍♀️ #popcornduet #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #ThisIsBliss OutfitChange GetFit #ACupgrade

♬ original sound – ᴊ ᴍ ᴋ ᴏ – ᴊ ᴍ ᴋ ᴏ

2. Iemmapotato and TheAshleyCooke

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3. DaisyJelley and Afiqhakim

4. Charlie Puth and Estefis86


#duet with @estefis86 yooooo why this shit had me DYINNNNNGGGGGG 😂😂

♬ I Have Nothing – J E F F

5. Charlie Puth and TheOfficialKristyLee


#duet with @charlieputh self love comes first. Charlie asked “why” so here’s my explanation. #fyp #charlieputh #duet #freestyle #writing #foryou

♬ Hard On Yourself – Charlie Puth & blackbear

6. Addison Rae and Micahcow

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#duet with @micahcow @charlidamelio next

♬ Bruh – Hovey Benjamin

7. Dheedai and Kdestrada_

8. Lonahoe and SeanRiceOfficial

9. Etrapalma and Henry Honkonen


#dúo con @henryhonkonen chiaro che dovevo stonare proprio alla fine😬

♬ original sound – Henry Honkonen