Get to know TikTok’s Miketoks: Age, why he’s single and where he’s from!

Screenshot,TikTok @miketoks
Screenshot, TikTok - @miketoks

One of TikTok’s recent viral stars is Miketoks, having built a following of over 5.1 million since joining the app in April. Miketoks has found fame sharing videos of him and his girlfriend’s daily life, so what happened?

Find out more about him and why the couple broke up…

Who is Miketoks?

Miketoks is an 18-year-old TikTok star from the Dominican Republic. He posts videos speaking in Spanish, usually including Spanish captions but he has built a large following around the world.

He has received over 83 million likes and most of his videos have over 4 million views. His most recent video is a duet with a video he posted earlier in the year of his girlfriend. The caption reads, “Increíble como la gente es tan mentirosa y dañina. Yo el malo, ella la buena. Sin argumentos ni pruebas, sólo porque si. #parati”

The caption translates to mean: “Incredible how many people are lying and hurtful. I am the bad one, she is the good one. No arguments or evidence, just because. #fyp”

Who is his ex-girlfriend?

Mike’s TikTok fame was built around his relationship, his ex-girlfriend was involved in most of his videos. He often taught her dances or Spanish phrases, teasing her when she did not get them right.

Fans loved the couple’s cute relationship and admired how much they loved each other. So the recent video explaining that their relationship has ended has come as a shock to many TikTok users.

One fan commented, “Mike, that’s love & that’s life no matter what people R always gonna have something to say, if ur shirt is red why isn’t it blue? do what makes u happy!”

As more fans ask to know exactly what caused the break up, one fan wrote, “yall pls respect their privacy, they’re influencers and all, but humans as well, when they’re ready to speak on it, they’ll come forward”.

It is unclear exactly why the couple broke up, but Miketok’s caption insists that it is him who is at fault. For now, fans will have to wait and see what Miketoks content looks like without his girlfriend…