TikTok: Ruthy Hunter gets criticized for ‘pooping’ her baby

Screenshot from TikTOk @thatdaneshguy

A TikTok user that goes by the username @ruthyhunt has been slammed for trying to discipline her kid by ‘pooping’ her six-month-old toddler.

A recent post made by Danesh has made Ruthy Hunter viral for being a child abuser. Her account is private so you may not be able to see her posts but we will tell you what happened. Keep reading to find out more.

What does ‘Pooping the kid’ mean?

In this context, pooping means trying to discipline the kid by hitting or spanking the kid. The TikToker Ruthy Hunt is being called out on doing this because she openly admitted that she “pops” her child.

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Ruthy Hunt’s TikTok story

A TikTok user @thatdaneshguy calls out Ruthy Hunt for her bad parenting tactics in the below video. Before you watch the video, let us warn you that it is a huge trigger warning so make sure you are mentally ready to watch something like this.

This video shows her openly admitting to hitting her disabled toddler. She actually says “I am addressing this video for all those people who are losing their minds that I pop my son. Six month old. I pop him on a daily basis like every hour now. In my whole life I actually have popped him twice and that was because he was screaming because he was angry and he was losing his temper so I popped him.”

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“Popping is always a second resort though unless when he is older and he has lied or been disobedient. Those are always immediate spankings. But I do believe in spanking, I do spank him and will continue spanking until he is an adult, because he has to learn discipline and boundaries and rules, even if he is disabled. Disabled kids do not get special privileges from discipline, boundaries and all that. They still have to learn manners. But I do spank him. I mean not like every day, like I said, twice in his whole life and that was only when it was really necessary. And of course, I go back and love him, I give him love afterwards and for someone who said “He is disabled though” he is always uncomfortable. No, he is not always uncomfortable. Actually, he is only uncomfortable when he is scrunched up and he is rarely ever scrunched up. He is always there laying on my stomach, laying on his back, or playing with his toys. He is hardly ever uncomfortable..”

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She again goes on to explain how he still has rules to learn. Then she claims that the Bible says to spank your kids – Those who spare the rod hate their son. She claims that that is why she spanks his son and is not ashamed of it.

Several users commented their frustration saying –

A six month old doesn’t “lose his temper” you do.

“I love him after”. Isn’t that what abusers do?

A six month old doesn’t understand why your doing this to them. Disabled or not.

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