Digital Princess Tiktok: Why Tiktok Star Marissa Cloutier AKA #Digital Princess Got Arrested In Florida?

Digital Princess Tiktok

A photograph of TikTok celebrity, Malissa Cloutier aka Digital Princess TikTok went viral on August 27; after that incident, people started talking about her arrest. Then,  Marissa Cloutier has lifted her silence on social networking sites to back up this fuss.

The event happened on Tuesday(August 24), as per the police statement. Residents who lived around her house had contacted the police when they allegedly discovered that Marissa’s son was weeping alone in the garden. However, when cops came to her house, the Digital Princess TikTok star was not found anywhere in her house and the main door of Cloutier was unlocked.

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Investigation of Digital Princess Tiktok

Police of Florida contacted her after discovering Marissa’s phone number from the documents at her home. On what,  Cloutier told police she was on her way and around six mins away from her house. Then Cloutier arrived and she was wearing a black dress and heavy make-up. Cloutier flashed a container of Tide washing powder and told that she only moved out from the house to buy it. Moreover, Cloutier told officers that she placed her child on the bed at 10:15 p.m. And then went to get washing detergent from a 7-Eleven (SuperMarket). 

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Then she introduced herself that she is a well-known TikTok influencer. And stated that she had just relocated from Colorado to Florida due to bullying and harassment by stalkers. She also mentioned that she had no other option than to leave her kid alone at the house. Because she has no network of support in Florida.

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Why Digital Princess Tiktok Got Arrested?

Officers were unconvinced of Cloutier’s story due to some reasons,, such as her clothing and the fact that the washing detergent was apparently nearly empty. Then the police asked whether she could justify herself by showing receipt of purchasing washing powder. But she denied it and said that she had paid by cash.  

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Moreover,  When police asked Cloutier about the security camera footage of 7-Eleven, she started to tremble. So, she couldn’t prove herself right and got arrested by police in Florida

The reaction of People on Social Networking Portals

@animetextiee has written on her Twitter account:

Lol ok ok Marissa🤡 What I don’t know what to say regarding abandoning your child alone at home. And having neighbors who don’t even recognize you and discover him screaming outside? Then attempting to mislead about it😩 and banning everyone who mentions the problem.