TikTok: Who is Spencewuah’s boyfriend? Relationship revealed!

Screenshot from @spencewuah 's TikTok

Spencewuah, a 19-year-old TikTok star, recently announced he now has a boyfriend and supporters are extremely happy!

The content-creating couple told fans about their happiness together in a recent post while celebrating their one-month anniversary.

Read below to find out more about the happy couple, including who they are and what their relationship is like!

Who is Spencewuah?

Spencewuah, formerly known as Spencer Hunt, is a verified TikTok star from the United States.

At just age 19, Spencer (@spencewuah) has 9.1 million followers along with 685.5 million likes in total on the app.

Spencer also creates content for his YouTube channel (@spencewuah) which currently holds 38.1K subscribers. He also entertains a huge audience on Instagram with 816K followers (@spencewuah).

Spencewuah is confidently open and honest about his homosexuality to his followers. However, despite it rarely affecting him, the creator does receive insults regarding his sexuality.

The creator is known by his viewers for uploading videos of him carrying out a ‘daily scream’, which involves screaming loudly regarding an inconvenience from his day:

Who is Spencewuah’s boyfriend?

Luis Bergin is also a content creator living in the United States, alongside his job role as a nurse. His ethnicity includes Latino/Hispanic and White/European descent.

Having only joined the app in March, the star currently holds 1 million followers, alongside 25.4 million likes on his TikTok account (@luisbergin).

Along with participating in the latest trends, Luis also uses his platform to spread awareness surrounding important issues like politics.

About their relationship

Spencer announced their relationship via his Instagram post on the 16th December 2020 which captured them celebrating the holidays with one another.

Since the announcement, the couple has uploaded many TikToks expressing their happiness within the relationship.

There was a lot of hype then but there has been an update in their relationship.

Update on their relationship

All the posts of Spencer with his boyfriend have been deleted. Both their accounts have suddenly become private but they are still following each other. There is a lot of speculation about them breaking up but that’s all we have – speculation.

We do not know for sure what has happened but if you do, you can share with our readers in the comments below.