How to sell feet pics on Instagram: Because why not have a crazy profession!

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What do you consider a job? In 2021, Influencers, OnlyFans accounts and TikTok creators are amongst some of the highest paying job roles. One of the easiest ways to sell money will blow your mind!

The sale of feet pictures is one that is often joked about, but there are some people who make really good money out of it.

There are countless users on Instagram who send messages to accounts asking for feet pics, but it is very rare that they are being serious.

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Why do people sell feet pics on Instagram?

There are some people out there who have a fascination with feet, or a foot fettish, as it is more commonly known.

These people will often send mesasges to people, usually on Instagram or Twitter, asking for pictures of their feet in exchange for money.

The amounts of money that people can make from selling feet pics can vary, as it all depends on the seller or the buyer.

Some people sell their pictures for £20 and some for £200!

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Who would sell feet pics?

According to some of the videos made by professional feet pic sellers, it can be done easily on apps like Instagram.

Users just need to respond to certain dm’s or start looking for the accounts that want to buy feet pics.

Famous YouTuber @Ellbat sold pictures of her feet and made a fortune by doing so.

She now shares YouTube videos informing users how to do the same.

TikTok videos on how to sell pics of your feet

There are countless videos on TikTok of users explainig what they have used the money they gained from selling pictures of their feet for.

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This user explains how you can make money by selling feet pics.


PART 1 : how I sell feet pics to make money #fyp

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This TikTok user has paid her last 6 month’s rent by selling pictures of her feet.

In this video a user shows off about how she makes her money, and how her parents have no idea.


It’s a joke but if you know any good apps to sell feet pics let ya girl know 😉 #ButterGlossPop #foryoupage #xyzbca #fyp #ohio #feet #coronavirus

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