Does Sebastian Stan have TikTok? Crazy videos explored!

Screenshot from @wi3nersoldier TikTok

Sebastian Stan recently re-posted some TikTok videos onto his Instagram story and everyone is now wondering; does Sebastian Stan have TikTok? Creators are going crazy as they realise he could be viewing their content.

In this article, we discover who Sebastian Stan is, what it means to be on that side of TikTok and why users are shocked that the actor may be on the platform himself. Keep reading to view some hilarious reactions as we provide brilliant examples!

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Sebastian Stan is a Romanian-American actor who has proven to be very popular on TikTok.

On television, he has played Carter Baizen in Gossip Girl, Prince Jack Benjamin in Kings, Jefferson in Once Upon a Time, and T.J. Hammond in Political Animals.

His most famous role involves Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

This famous actor has a huge fan base all over social media, but TikTok seems to be taking over…

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The popular TikTok hashtag#sebastianstan currently has over two billion views in total.

Creators are often sharing content featuring Sebastian Stan in admiration.

@fokinloosah uploaded footage of the actor and described him as going from hot, to cute.

Along with many others, @buckys_wh0r3 shared videos of the actor on set.

So, once you begin viewing TikTok videos of Sebastian Stan, it seems your ForYou page is filled with them…

Does Sebastian Stan have TikTok?

After tons of content featuring Sebastian Stan has been shared onto TikTok, creators are now going crazy as speculations state that the actor may be on the platform.

Sebastian Stan recently took to Instagram to re-post some great TikTok content and thank his supporters.

@marvel.stans.x shared footage from the actor’s Instagram story which suggests he has the app.

@astorga.png also used screen-recorded proof from Sebastian Stan’s Instagram story.

@greta_does_cosplay explained that Sebastian Stan may have a TikTok account and has therefore viewed all of the content featuring him.

The user captioned her video with the capitalised phrase “Y’ALL HE’S GONNA FIND EVERYTHING”.

Keep reading for some hilarious TikTok reactions!

Insane TikTok reactions

A user named @sebastiansmackie used movie-footage as a reaction to the news of Sebastian Stan’s supposed TikTok account.

@belongwithbianca reacted to the news by explaining that Sebastian is invited to the Carne Asada.

@lokixbucky_ used hilarious footage of the actor to shockingly react to the news of his presence on TikTok.

Do you think Sebastian Stan has TikTok? 🤷‍♀️